Sinan Öncü

Assistant Professor
Room / Office: 
Phone Number: 
+90 212 359 7069
  • Ph.D. - 2014 - Dynamics and Control, Mechanical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.
  • M.Sc. - 2008 - Mechatronics Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.
  • B.Sc. - 2005 - Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bogazici University
  • Senior Software Engineer, Engine Control Program , Ford Otosan, Turkey
  • Mechatronics Designer, Autonomous Mobility Group, Nobleo Projects, The Netherlands
  • Research Scientist, Cooperative Vehicle Systems, Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), The Netherlands
  • PhD Researcher, Connect and Drive Project, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Research Assistant, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Robotics Laboratory, Chicago, USA
  • Research Assistant, Istanbul Technical University, Mechatronics Research Laboratory (MEKAR)
Courses Taught: 
  • ME 331 Mechatronics
  • ME 335 Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems
  • ME 530 Advanced Dynamics
  • ME 537 State Space Control Theory
  • AUTO 504 Vehicle Control Systems
Research Interests: 
  • Autonomous/cooperative vehicles; advanced driver assistance systems; powertrain control, automotive control
  • Dynamics and control; networked/distributed control systems; hybrid systems; model predictive control;
  • Object tracking, sensor fusion, localization, motion planning and control algorithms for mobile robots;
  • Hardware-in-the-loop testing; rapid control prototyping; mechatronic system architecting

Google Scholar:

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