From The Chair

An engineering education offers the enterprising student a range of invaluable skills, including an analytical and scientific viewpoint, the ability to make decisions and draw conclusions based on available evidence, and a predisposition to teamwork. As a fundamental engineering discipline, mechanical engineering provides a comprehensive foundation covering almost all of the major engineering sciences. In brief, mechanical engineering may be considered as the liberal arts of engineering. 
Founded in 1912, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Boğaziçi University is a close-knit community where all faculty members and students can become acquainted with each other directly. Only 70 students are admitted to our department every year through a nationwide exam, and for the past several decades our department has been and continues to be the highest ranking mechanical engineering department in Turkey. All of our faculty members have embraced the academic culture of well-established universities in the United States and Europe, and the research activities of the faculty involve more than 100 graduate students.
Our department maintains 20 laboratories for educational and research purposes. This includes laboratories specifically dedicated to classical and emerging fields such as automotive engineering, biomechanics, computational mechanics, controls and robotics, design, acoustics and vibrations, thermal sciences, fluid mechanics, materials and manufacturing, mechatronics, micro-nano engineering, renewable energy, solid mechanics, and space technologies.
The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Boğaziçi University can be further distinguished by its international contacts and standing. Our department conforms to international quality standards, having passed the quality assessment of European Universities Association (EUA) in 1999 and being recognized by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) since 1998. Moreover, our student body is considerably enriched by the many bilateral exchange agreements established with prominent universities in the United States and Europe.
We regard our students as stakeholders in the department, and take steps to accommodate their preferences. Class meetings, an effective advising framework, student representatives, and club activities are all products of this approach. Students in our department are educated by distinguished faculty members in a modern and pleasant environment, with courses entirely taught by the faculty members. They develop close connections within the student body that persist well after they graduate. Many of them pursue graduate degrees at Boğaziçi University or at other prominent universities throughout the world. Others pursue jobs in industry, and discover that the education offered by our department makes them sought after by national and global companies.
Chairman, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Boğaziçi University