Program Overview

Graduate programs in Mechanical Engineering consist of five options:

  • Option A : Dynamics and Control
  • Option B : Fluid Mechanics
  • Option C : Materials and Manufacturing
  • Option D : Solids and Design
  • Option E : Thermal Sciences

Master of Science (M.S.) Program

The M.S. program in Mechanical Engineering requires a minimum of 24 credit hours (9 courses) of course work and a Master's Thesis. One mathematics requirement, four core courses (two for selected option, the other two from two different options) and one seminar requirement must be completed together with two (elective) courses from the selected option. The remaining course may be chosen freely from among engineering graduate courses. Mathematics requirement is satisfied by taking:

  • ME 501/ME 502 Advanced Engineering Mathematics I/II

Students who have previously taken one of these courses, or its equivalent, may instead take an elective course approved by their advisor.
Core course requirements may be satisfied by taking one course from each core course sequence covering three of the five options as listed below:

  • Opt. A : ME 537 State Space Control Theory - ME 530 Advanced Dynamics
  • Opt. B/E : ME 551 Advanced Fluid Mechanics - ME 561 Conduction Heat Transfer
  • Opt. C : ME 511 Principles of Materials Science and Engineering - ME 512 Principles of Manufacturing Processes
  • Opt. D : ME 521 Engineering Design - ME 523 Elasticity

or by taking one core course from two options and the course "ME 502 Advanced Engineering Mathematics II" or "ME 503 Mechanics of Continua I" as a substitute for the third option core course.

In addition to the core course requirement, students are required to complete a minimum of 9 credits in one of the five options indicated above. One course is to be the remaining core course of the chosen core sequence. Option courses are listed here for both the M.S. and Ph.D. programs.In addition to the required and option courses, the students have to take the non-credit seminar course: ME 579 Graduate Seminar.

Requirements for the M.S. degree: to be completed in 2 years
8 courses to be
completed in the
first 2 terms
(1 year)
of the student's
2 option core courses (listed above)
2 option elective courses (ME 5xx and/or ME 6xx courses)
2 "other-option" core courses (listed above), i.e. each one from a different option, other than one's own. ME 503 and/or ME 502 (if ME 501 is taken as the Math course) can be substituted for these courses.
ME 501 (or ME 502)
Free elective = science/engineering graduate course
(approved by advisor)
ME 579 = Seminar course (3. term of the student's program)
ME 599 = Guided Research (2. term of the student's program)
ME 690 = Thesis (3. and 4. terms of the student's program)
M.S. Program in Mechanical Engineering
1st Term 2nd Term
  • Option Core Course
  • Other-Option Core Course
  • Option Elective
  • ME 501
  • Option Core Course
  • Other-Option Core Course
  • Option Elective
  • Free Elective
  • ME 599
3rd Term 4th Term
  • ME 690
  • ME 579
  • ME 690

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Program

The Ph.D. program in Mechanical Engineering includes a minimum of 21 credits of course work and Ph.D. thesis carried out according to regulations of the Institute. The required courses for the program are:

  • ME 501 and ME 502 Advanced Engineering Mathematics I and II

Students who have previously taken one of these courses or its equivalent are required to take the second course. Those who have taken either one or both of these courses, or their equivalents may instead take elective courses approved by their advisor and the Institute.Ph.D. students are required to identify a Major field, which corresponds to one of the five Mechanical Engineering options listed above. Three courses for the Major field are chosen among courses not taken in the M.S. program. Subject to the approval of the Advisor, a Minor field, consisting of a sequence of two courses, is also determined. Students complete their course requirement with an elective course complementing their Ph.D. program.

Requirements for the Ph.D. degree: (minimum course requirement)
3 "Major" courses
2 "Minor" courses
ME 502 (and ME 501 if not taken in the M.S. program)
Core requirements of the M.S. program, if those courses are not taken in the M.S. program
Free elective = science/engineering graduate course
A minimum of 3 courses per term
ME 699 = Guided Research (in the 2. term of the student's program)
ME 790 = Thesis