Undergraduate Program

The aim of the department is to give the students a sound background in concepts and principles fundamental to the broad field of Mechanical Engineering and to provide them with the tools necessary for a career in Mechanical Engineering as well as for applied and theoretical research.
The first six semesters of the BS program are common to all Mechanical Engineering students. In the seventh and eight semesters students take three specialization option courses and choose three complementary courses with a view toward complementing their engineering education according to their individual interests. In addition one course may be selected as free or complementary.There are two option sequences available: Thermal Systems; Mechanical Structures and Systems. The selection of the specialization option and the complementary courses must be under the supervision of the department advisors.
In addition to the course-credit requirements, the equivalent of 60-days of industrial training, in areas approved by the department, during the two summer breaks following the second and third years is required.
The course requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering total a minimum of 146 credit hours of formal course work.