Minor Program in ME

Application Requirements:
Applicants should be in their 3.-6. semesters in order to apply to the minor program.
Minor program in mechanical engineering accepts applications in the beginning of fall semesters.
Annual quota: 4
Minimum GPA: 2.75/4.0
Further information: BÜ Yandal yönetmeliği .  (In Turkish)
In order to complete the minor program in mechanical engineering the 4 required courses that are listed below should be completed. If the minor student in mechanical engineering have taken some of the required courses or their equivalents in his/her major program, as substitutes he/she can take courses from the electives list with the permission of the minor advisor in mechanical engineering. Students complete the minor program by taking 6 courses in total.
Required Courses
ME242 Dynamics (3 credits)
ME263 Thermodynamics I (3 credits)
ME244 Mechanics of Materials (4 credits)
ME353 Fluid Mechanics (4 credits)
Elective Courses
ME324 Machine Design I (4 credits)
ME331 Mechatronics (3 credits)
ME335 Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems (4 credits)
ME362 Heat Transfer (4 credits)
ME411 Materials Engineering (3 credits)
ME425 Mechanical Vibrations (3 credits)
ME426 Mechanisms (3 credits)
ME430 Automotive Engineering (3 credits)
ME446 Applied Solid Mechanics (3 credits)
ME455 Fluid Mechanics II (3 credits)
ME466 Thermodynamics II (3 credits)
ME474 Heat Engines (3 credits)
ME478 Design of Thermal Systems (3 credits)
Advisor: Çetin Yılmaz