Vision & Mission

Mechanical Engineering Department aspires to become:

  •  The first choice for the best students
  •  The place of choice for the best faculty
  •  The place where the graduates can be employed by the industry of their choice or become entrepreneurs
  •  A place that can generate its own resources
  •  A place that has the highest image in society

The Department strives to

  • graduate contemporary mechanical engineers who are able to work in and add value to a variety of industries, and who have the qualities to progress to top level management.
  • graduate MS level mechanical engineers who are knowledgeable in and able to apply the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering within their specialization; develop PhD students who can do research creatively, develop new knowledge in the global context, and share this through publications and other means.
  • develop new knowledge of interest to the international community, and to apply this knowledge appropriately and creatively to improve Turkey¹s scientific and technological capabilities.
  • transfer the resulting technology to industry, and to share the department¹s knowledge and experience with industry and society as a whole.
  • have the capacity for continuous learning, and to be committed to self-improvement and the improvement of the university system.